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Over the last hundred years, countless funny, satirical, and serious movies and videos, perhaps starting with Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 silent film, The Gold Rush, have focused on food, or “food.”  Lucille Ball, in the heyday of TV, created hilarious sketches around food.  Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary Super Size Me brought food to the big screen and had McDonald’s reeling.  In the same vein, activists have used videos to lampoon factory farming, the fake fat olestra, and any number of other food and agriculture problems.  In addition, quick searches on YouTube, Google, and government, industry, and nonprofits’ websites will turn up serious, thoughtful, totally silly, comical, and self-promoting videos and lectures on just about every aspect of food.  If you want to learn something important or just have a good belly laugh, dip into some of our arsenal of shorts (some longer movies are listed elsewhere).  And do let us know of videos that we missed.

The National Food Museum does not necessarily endorse the content of these videos.

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The Real Bears

Jason Mraz provides the original soundtrack for “The Real Bears” anti-soda video (yes, Coca-Cola uses bears in its advertising)

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Kids (and others)

TKSST (The Kid Should See This)

TKSST (The Kid Should See This): This collection of hundreds of fascinating, informative videos (2’-10’) explores topics ranging from the amazing microbiome to a Rube Goldberg-like cake server to turning

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